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City of Aurora

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Commercial Fitness Permit Application - Parks, Recreation and Open Space

The City of Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Department recognizes that private, for-profit companies desire to use public parks for the purpose of conducting outdoor fitness classes and camps. Any commercial for-profit business or person interested in using a City of Aurora park or open space as a location for delivery of a program or service is required to obtain a Commercial Fitness Permit. In addition to a valid Permit from the PROS Department, interested businesses must provide:

  • Copy of their valid city of Aurora business license. For questions regarding an Aurora business license call the Tax and Licensing Division at 303-739-7057 or 
  • $500,000 general liability insurance certificate naming city of Aurora as additional insured by endorsement. For questions regarding insurance requirements please contact Risk Management at 303-739-7225.

Rules for Commercial Fitness Permit Use

Please review these rules before submitting your permit application. 

Full Address

Permits will be issued for the selected months as noted below. Rates are per park location for 2 hours per day. Fees will be assigned to each location requested. 

April-September: $25 per month

October-March: $15 per month

Full year permit: $240

Please select the months you are requesting for this permit:

I understand a $500,000 general liability insurance certificate naming City of Aurora as additional insured by endorsement is required before a commercial fitness permit will be issued.

Please upload a copy of a valid City of Aurora business license.

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Liability Insurance Certificate

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