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City of Aurora

15151 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO, 80012, US


City of Aurora Highland Hollows Court Renovation Survey

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in Aurora and with growth comes the need for more facilities to play. Citizen requests for pickleball courts prompted a look at recreation courts in your area. The city has identified Highland Hollows Park as a possible location for two new courts by renovating a non-programmed court to allow for new court layouts.

Which best describes how frequently you or your family visit Highland Hollows Park?

Which best describes you or your family’s relationship to Highland Hollows Park?

How often do you or your family use the existing Highland Hollows pickleball courts?

How often do you or your family use the existing Highland Hollows non-programmed court?

If the non-programmed court was replaced with two pickleball courts how likely are you to use the facilities?

Are you in support of replacing the non-programmed court with two pickleball courts?

Which age category best describes you?

What are the ages of the children in your house? (Please click all that apply).

To help us understand what marketing methods are most useful, how did you hear about this survey?

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